Darklands 2024: The Ultimate Gathering for the International Fetish Community!


As the new year spreads its leather-black wings, fetish enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the upcoming February, with Darklands Festival 2024 approaching in large strides. For a week starting February 27th, the heart of the BDSM and fetish community will beat in Antwerp, Belgium. The offerings for 2024 are once again impressive, with numerous events and parties one can hardly afford to miss. Among the unique highlights, Mister B. will celebrate its 30th anniversary at Darklands.

Create memories that last a lifetime!

Organizer Jeroen Van Lievenoogen states: “Uniting our community has been one of Darklands’ main goals since day one. Bringing together different subgroups of our diverse community under one roof has undoubtedly helped build bridges and strengthen mutual respect. The result will be clearly visible this year with new community booths and activities. My team looks forward to showing you what’s planned for this year, including a new Mr. Fetish World election, expansion of the Mr-S-Leather stage and Vendor Market, the fourth Mister-B stage, a range of new entertainment shows and performances, and much more. In short, enjoy it, have fun, and create memories that last a lifetime!”

This year, the new social groups, the New Socials, include categories such as American, Cigar, and Hypnokink. Once again, practically all well-known fetish brands will be present, along with special area hosts, from the Fist-Butt Cave to the Bondage Dome and an area specifically for Penetrators, as well as a Hardplay Area and an entire deck dedicated to “Just-For-Fans” creators who can indulge in whatever they desire. A visit to the hottest bar at Darklands, the Darkroom Bar, is a must.

For those seeking more information, the Masterclasses are an excellent option to delve deeper into their favorite fetishes professionally. Are you knowledgeable about edging, bondage in play, or the secrets of master-and-slave relationships? What do you know about erotic hypnosis? How does one become truly weightless with erotic bondage art? And how can one bring another guy to orgasm with just a fisting massage? Or how about some fisting speed dating? Additionally, there’s plenty to learn about safety in bondage, chemsex, or a general introduction to the leather community. The world at Darklands is truly boundless, and besides having fun, one can meet like-minded individuals from around the globe and continuously and joyfully expand their own boundaries. And, of course, the team from HIM MAGAZINE will also be present. So, will we see you at Darklands 2024 this year? (ms)

Wir verstehen uns als ein ehrliches, sexpositives Magazin, das nicht fremdbestimmt Themen vorgibt, sondern mit der Community zusammen Themen anspricht.

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