DARKROOM by Nick Christie


A story that is centred around a gay leather club in South London. Leatherman Ross gets to hookup with head barman Mickey, from the club.

Ross studied the office door, behind the bar, that he saw Mickey head through at least two or three minutes ago. It suddenly opened, and he saw Mickey come out with the jacket of his two-piece bike suit now attached to the bottoms. He was also carrying two crash helmets.

Ross suddenly realised he was going on the back of a bike, having not fully put two and two together earlier when Mickey asked about riding pillion. God, he could be so slow sometimes, he thought to himself. His heart started to beat faster at the thought and when he saw Mickey heading his way across the crowded room, the heart rate increased further. Fuck, he was a hot guy, especially in that Dainese bike suit. All black except the white stripe on the leg and sleeve, along with the awesome devil logo on the chest.

“Hey handsome, you decided I was worth the wait then!” Mickey shouted over the music and gave Ross a kiss on the lips, shoving a helmet in his stomach and hands.

“Totally. You look fucking awesome in that bike suit!” he shouted in reply.  Mickey cupped his ears, not really hearing, and then beckoned Ross to follow him. 

They went out the main club door and into the night air.

Ross followed Mickey, studying his arse as he walked casually to the backyard of the club, stopping at the gate to enter the pin code for the metal panelled gates.  It was now pretty dark, but fortunately as they opened the gate a security light came on and Mickey and the yard were floodlit. Ross noticed the light shining brightly against the sheen of Mickey’s leathers as well as his wavy hair. Then Ross saw the bike.

“Wow, nice bike!”

“She sure is. Had her about three months. Purrs like a bitch,” Mickey smiled as he took the Kawasaki Ninja 650 off her legs and wheeled her out the gate.

Ross followed. He took off his Muir cap and stuffed it into his jacket and zipped up. He then pulled the helmet on and did up the straps. 

“Shut the gate and then climb on, sexy. I’m gonna take you for a ride,” Mickey winked as he straddled the Kawasaki and put on his helmet. 

Ross flipped down the passenger footrests and climbed on behind Mickey. He was seated a little higher up, but he pulled in close and wrapped his leathered legs around Mickey’s sides and pressed his groin into the small of Mickey’s back. He placed his arms around Mickey’s waist and chest and held his firm leather-clad body close as Mickey started the bike. He looked back at Ross, nodded and then moved off the pavement onto the open road. 

The pair cruised down Camberwell New Road on their way to Mickey’s place in Peckham. The roads were still reasonably busy, but Mickey made good pace, passing the cars and buses full of late-nighters either heading out or heading home.  Ross hugged tightly as the bike weaved in and out of the traffic. The warm night air was rushing into his face as Ross tried to concentrate on where he was and where he was likely to be going. That was the thrill of a hookup. Who knew what you might get or find at the other end of the liaison?  But he knew Mickey was probably a good guy and he was getting hard at the thought of fucking him, preferably in that bike suit. 

Mickey followed the road and started to enter into the outskirts of Peckham. He then turned right into Clayton Road and then a second right into a side road next to a block of apartments. Mickey pulled up and parked, turning the engine off.  Ross could still feel the buzz of the bike on his legs as he climbed off. 

“Welcome to Chez Mickey’s,” Mickey said, pulling off his helmet. He chained and locked up the bike. Ross removed his helmet and the two walked towards the entrance of the block.  Ross looked around his surroundings. He knew where he was.  He had attempted to sell similar properties in this area. They entered the lobby of the building, probably 1980s, Ross thought, looking at the décor as they headed for the elevator. 

“Fourth floor.  You may need to hold ya breath in here,” Mickey grinned. 

They entered the elevator and Ross took his chance and pushed Mickey against the wall.

“Better still, I’ll have some of your breath,” Ross said, as he went in for a hard kiss. 

The men’s crash helmets banged against the elevator walls as they tasted each other hard, their free arms groping and pulling at each other’s leather gear, feeling and tasting. Ross pushed his legs and thighs against Mickey’s, pinning him in place as he devoured his face.

The doors opened and Mickey pushed Ross back and shoved him out the elevator with a grin.

“You are a hungry, sexy boy.  Let’s get into my flat.” 

Mickey grappled with his keys in his one free hand. Meanwhile, Ross was grabbing at him and attempting to kiss him and his neck. 

“Hold on, Mister, let’s get this fucking door sorted and then you can have your fill,” he laughed as he successfully opened the door.

It was barely open as Ross pushed him in and moved forward for more kisses, dropping their helmets to the floor of the lobby as they returned to their urgent kisses.

Moving into the bedroom, Mickey started to unzip his leather two-piece.

“No, leave it on. I wanna fuck you in gear and I want that cock now.” Ross pulled at Mickey’s fly and pushed him towards the bed. Mickey fell back and decided to give into the advances. This boy wanted him real bad and who was he to argue, he decided.

Ross was on his knees, still gloved, pulling at Mickey’s zipper fly. Mickey sat up and decided to unzip the two-piece trousers from the jacket to at least allow some movement. Ross eventually got what he was looking for. Mickey’s hard-on sprang out of the fly as Ross pulled back the undies. Ross then sank his face straight onto Mickey’s ample six inches, relishing the salty foreskin. Ross’ favourite: uncut cock, and it tasted great after a full shift encased in those leathers.  He buried his face into Mickey’s jeans, his nose deep in his pubes. The smell was beautiful, hot man, sweat and leather. 

“Fuck, you are eager,” Mickey said placing his hands on Ross’ head, “and that feels amazing.  Go suck, boy. I have a real good load for you.  Been days since I blew.”

Mickey sat up. 

“Let me get this tee off,” he said as he pulled his jacket off and tugged at the T-shirt. He then put the jacket back onto his bare chest. Ross paused and admired Mickey’s torso. Great shoulder definition and arms, but he could see that under the T-shirt.  The body hair, he could now see fully, was a real treat.  Ross couldn’t help himself.

“Fuck!  That fur! And those pits. Let me at them.”

Ross moved forward, pushing Mickey back and lying across him as he buried his face and tongue into Mikey’s chest. He licked his way across his chest and around the nipples, pushing Mickey’s right arm up and burying his face into his armpit, his face was now fully inside the jacket lapel and in his pit, licking the sweat and taste of Mickey.

Mickey giggled at the feeling, slightly ticklish, then used his hand and pushed Ross in further. 

“You dirty cunt. You love it, don’t you? Filthy fuck. Yeah, get your fill.” 

Ross moaned as he pushed in deeper while his hands grabbed Mickey’s sides and back. Eventually he pulled out and went in for a kiss.

Mickey could taste his own sweat on Ross’ lips and tongue. Eventually he could taste Ross only and it was a taste he liked. He was a great kisser too.

Ross pulled back and smiled, “I need to fuck you,” he said, grabbing at his Langlitz pants belt and fly. 

He got up off Mickey and sorted himself, revealing a brown bush of pubes and rock-hard cock. The purple head already pushed out beyond the foreskin.  Mickey smiled at the sight. 

“You are a big boy.  Is that about seven?”

“There or thereabouts,” Ross grinned patting his meat into his leather gloved hand.  “Ok, handsome. Let’s take a look at that arse of yours.”

Mickey got off the bed and turned, pulling his leather trousers down just proud of his arse cheeks, slowly pulling them apart to reveal his willing cunt. He’d half expected to feel a cock rest in the gap of his arse but Ross dropped to his knees, grabbed Mickey’s hips and thrust his face into the hole, licking and rimming him real hard. 

“Fuck, man, you really can’t get enough of my sweat and smell, can you? Oh fucking hell, that feels fucking good.”

Mickey started to stroke his meat as his arse was being rimmed. The sensations of Ross’ tongue and lips, as well as the small amount of stubble on his chin were a heady mix of sensations.

Ross was enjoying every part of Mickey’s body. His arse tasted perfect; real man smell. Sweat, leather and arse, something he had grown to like more and more and sometimes really dirty fellas. Mickey was a good balance though. He was clean but had worked a hot, sweaty shift and that made for good eating in Ross’ mind. He knew what he was eating was clean stink!

Ross came up for air.

“Got any lube?”

“Yeah, top drawer,” Mickey pointed. Ross found the tube and applied some to his cock. He began to circle Mickey’s hole with his lubed dick.

“I’m assuming you’re a bottom.  Never thought to ask; sorry,” Ross paused.

“Bit late now. Would I have presented myself so willingly?” Mickey laughed.  “Actually I’m versatile, so watch out, ‘Top Boy.’  I may be coming after you later.  Now stop talking and breed my fucking hole.”

Ross grabbed the collar of Mickey’s leather jacket and positioned his cock on his hole. He then slowly but continually drove in. Mickey gasped and moaned as Ross pushed his way in.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Mickey groaned.

“Fucking nice and tight,” Ross said as he pulled Mickey upright and pulled him in close as he fucked him from behind. Ross had his arms around Mickey’s waist and chest, stroking his hard pecs and abs and feeling his cock and balls with his leather gloves.

Mickey could feel Ross all over him, his hot breath on his neck and the occasional kiss and bite. His gloved hands stroked his chest, abs, cock and balls, while this sexy man’s cock was drilling his hole roughly. All he could smell was his and Ross’ leather gear as air rushed through the clothing with their fucking and excitement.  The sweat of the lads’ bodies was adding to the fragrance of the room.

“I need to see you as I fuck you, handsome. Let’s get you on your back,” Ross said, as he pushed Mickey on the bed and flipped him over with a huge grin on his face, presenting a gorgeous boner.

“I hate to say it, but these pants have gotta go. Mickey had his legs in the air.  Ross pulled at the boot’s Velcro strips and pulled the left one off first, putting his face into the socked foot, more smell to treasure. 

“Man, you smell good everywhere.”

Ross pulled off the other and then tugged at the leather pants, which dragged the undies away at the same time. 

“Leave the jacket on, sexy. I want you in some gear,” Ross smiled, as he threw the pants and boots to the floor and fell down between Mickey’s legs. Mickey, in return, wrapped his legs around his new BLUF- dressed man.

“Come here, handsome.  Now fuck me,” Mickey grinned.

The two entwined and kissed each other hard. Their hands inside each other’s jackets, Ross feeling Mickey’s skin covered in sweat from the action and Mickey feeling the smooth sexy feeling of Ross’ leather shirt and pulling at his Sam Browne belt. Finally, Ross positioned his cock on Mickey’s hole and drove it back in hard. Mickey gasped at the force and pulled Ross in closer for more mouth action.

Ross smashed at Mickey’s hole, enjoying each long thrust. In and out, like a piston, he fucked Mickey with all he had.  It felt so good to be fucking a man who he found so attractive, not just a trick he could take or leave. This guy was just the kind of man he had wanted for many years and here he was fucking him. His cock and whole body were in complete joy from the sight below him. Mickey grinning and wincing in equal measure as Ross ploughed his new friend. He was tugging at his own rock-hard cock as Ross bred him. 

Eventually Ross needed to release and without warning he shouted, “Fuck!  Here I fucking cum!” and Mickey pulled with his left hand at Ross’ leather-clad arse as Ross flooded his hole with his load, beating his own meat with his right. 

“Fuck yeah, handsome.  Give me that filth!” Mickey yelled.

As Ross released so did Mickey, blowing his load up his chest onto his and Ross’ leathers. The two collapsed after the exertion.

“Fuck, you are a great shag,” Mickey panted, going in for more kisses, as Ross, also breathing heavily, slowed his motions. Mickey released his legs from around his new leather man and Ross rolled off, exhausted.

“Fuck, that was incredible, Mickey.”

The pair lay still for a while breathing hard. Ross was examining the mess on his leather shirt and Sam Browne belt. 

“Fuck, that’s a real mess….”  He stopped talking when he felt Mickey’s hand take his gloved hand. A tender gesture he wasn’t expecting. What was the protocol now?  Normally with a hookup, he would be up and out of the house as soon as he could.  So many times he’d had those awkward after-fuck moments when people forget how to speak. Almost embarrassed by what had just happened.

This felt different and was the first time someone had held his hand after sex like this.  Ross turned to find Mickey smiling at him.

“I suppose I better get cleaned up and out of your hair,” Ross said, gauging the situation.

“You deffo need to get cleaned up, but you can stay if you like,” Mickey replied.


“Yes, I think you’re pretty cool.  Plus getting a cab round here at this hour is never easy,” Mickey smiled, surprising himself with offering this situation. He too normally chucked hookups out as soon as the deed was done, but he’d just had the best fuck in a long while and he kinda liked this guy.

Ross sat up.  “I’d like that very much, if you don’t mind.”

“My pleasure, and we can start round two in the morning,” Mickey laughed, sitting up and taking his jacket off and heading to the bathroom. “Come and get your gear cleaned in here and let me help you out those lethers, handsome.”

Ross got up and followed Mickey to the bathroom. The guys cleaned up and Mickey slowly unbuckled Ross’ Sam Browne, removed the Langlitz jacket and then unpoppered his shirt, revealing a nice chest.  Not perfectly toned but natural and sexy.  Mickey kissed his nipples which made Ross giggle. Ross unbelted his leather jeans.  He sat on the toilet seat to wrestle with his Dehner patrol boots.

“Let me help you with those,” Mickey said, kneeling down to assist. 

He was totally naked and helped pull at the boots. Ross braced himself on the toilet and watched as his handsome barman assisted. Mickey pulled them off in turn, taking the opportunity to smell them both before putting them to one side. 

“Fuck, they smell good, as do you, sexy.”

Mickey stood up and watched as Ross pulled off his socks and then the leather jeans.  He then stood up and the pair walked back to the bed naked and fell on it. Ross dived in for further kisses as the two started to get semis again with all the ritual undressing and feeling of each other’s bodies. They made out some more before Mickey put out the light.

As Mickey spooned Ross, Ross said, “Thanks for letting me stay.”

“Thanks for saying yes. I like you Ross; I like you a lot,” Mickey replied, kissing the back of his head.

Nick Christie © 2020 a Guy called Nic
All rights reserved.  This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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