From Musicals to OnlyFans Stardom: Jakob Brüll, aka Frosty, Opens Up in Exclusive Interview


The OnlyFans sensation Jakob Brüll, also known as Frosty, is making waves as a top creator, transitioning from a successful musical career to captivating audiences with erotic content. In an exclusive interview with HIM MAGAZINE, Jakob discusses his journey into OnlyFans, citing a hefty health insurance bill as a catalyst. Living in Berlin, he praises the city’s LGBTQ+ acceptance, contrasting it with the homophobia he faced elsewhere in Germany. Jakob criticizes gay dating, emphasizing its challenges, particularly on dating apps.

Expressing political engagement, Jakob vehemently opposes AfD policies, foreseeing dire consequences for LGBTQ+ rights if the party gains power. Despite initial reservations, he embraced OnlyFans, dismissing concerns about potential judgment. Open about his challenging coming-out experience and past struggles, Jakob encourages LGBTQ+ youth to seek a broader perspective and connect with supportive individuals.

Addressing online attacks, Jakob views social media interactions as a game, leveraging them to boost algorithms. Regarding his personal preferences, Jakob delves into his sex life, emphasizing the importance of communication, versatility, and acknowledging the complexities of attraction. He appreciates physical traits like eyes and a muscular neck. As a traveler, he expresses a preference for sunny destinations, while maintaining Berlin as his base. A passionate gamer, Jakob enjoys the escapism and challenges offered by titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring.

In a rapid-fire round, Jakob reveals his current favorites, from sushi and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers to his preferred sex positions (riding and doggy). Wrapping up, he shares that the perfect day involves productivity, a guilty pleasure in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and a satisfying sense of accomplishment. The interview concludes with gratitude and wishes for success in Jakob’s professional and personal endeavors.

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